Portland in a Day

Portland, one of the world’s best bike cities has a place in my heart.

I recently had the chance to spend the day there, arriving on Sunday 8:30 AM bright and early.  I shortly discovered that most places were closed but I managed to find a awesome little breakfast place called Zell’s Cafe in South-East Portland at 1300 SE Morrison St., Portland, OR.  I recommend you seek it out if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Zell’s Cafe is unpretentious and seemingly ordinary.  What one sees when one looks deeper on the breakfast plate is that what they do, they do well.  I ordered Eggs Benedict and my hollandaise sauce was true and buttery.  Eggs were perfectly poached with the yoke oozing, the way I like it, the English Muffins were toasted and delightful.  The potato hash was delectable, soft, dry with a bit of crispness on the top.  Service was fast, prompt and polite.  It highly scores on my list.  I finished every last bit and was full until 4 PM.

Brunch at Zell's Cafe

Brunch at Zell’s Cafe

I then grabbed my favourite folding bike, the Brompton, and headed downtown.  I cycled on their small waterfront portion and found the Saturday Market, running on a Sunday!  I didn’t expect it to be opened by peruse the goods.  It was reminiscent of the night markets you find in Asia, full of tasty food and handicrafts.

Portland Saturday Market

Portland Saturday Market

Continuing along, I went shopping at some of my favourite stores, REI, Patagonia, and Clever Cycles.  Perhaps things got a little out of hand.  I went there with the intention of getting the SON (Schmidts Original Nabendynamo) dynamo for my Brompton ($585 USD), but also ended up walking out with the Ergon GR-2 BioKork grips ($60 USD) and a Brooks Saddle B17-S Womens ($120 USD).  Not to mention 2x 2-Litre Beer Growlers with handles because I love beer.  I’ll write more about these items when I go for a longer ride.

The day ended with a trip to the Whiskey Soda Lounge (related to PokPok) with some noms.  I had a wonderful drink called “Khing and I” with Mehkong Whiskey, Lime and house-made Ginger Syrup on the rocks.  Mmmm!

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