Upgraded Brompton Hand Grips

Only a couple days on my bike and I’m loving my new Ergon GP-3 BioKork grips installed on my M6R Brompton. I’ve ridden at least an hour on my Brompton before and eventually the wrist begin to hurt using the standard factory foam grips – which were starting to look a little worse for the wear being dragged and bashed about.

Installation was done by Clever Cycles bicycle shop in Portland, Oregon. They include these grips as an option in their Build-your-Brompton page if you’re looking to buy a Brompton, or will install it on the spot if you happen to walk into the store with your bike and buy them that very same day like I did.

I chose the GP-3 BioCork Small because they were the smallest of the BioCork range with the smaller diameter to fit the Brompton handlebars and I have small hands. The BioCork is not only lighter, but also grippier than Ergon’s classic line. GP-2 was better for me than the Ergon GP-1 because it includes the vertical horns. The Ergon GP-5 also has the vertical horns but larger with an extra lip; however I was concerned that they may be too large that it may interfer with the Brompton Fold.

Ergon Grip Size

Ergon Grip Size Chart

I love my Ergon grips. The large palm support has allow me to rest my upper body weight on them instead of an odd angle of pressure with the straight vertical form grips. This is great for someone who tends to use the computer a lot like I do and may have issues with carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve problems. The extra sticky grip means I less effort from my fingers to grip. The cork helps reduce the vibration I used to feel on the foam grips too. Note if you’re getting them for your Brompton, the handle bar type you have my result in having to trim the grips to fit.

The Ergon GP-3 Small fit very well into the grips with no issues with the fold. They clear the ground when rolling your Brompton along with either the mudguard or rack options.

Rating: Highly Recommended without reservations

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