Brompton SON Dynamo Kit QVHDYNSET-SON

I picked up a Brompton SON Dynamo (QVHDYNSET-SON) from Clever Cycles a little while ago and ran into a few snags before I actually will get to mount it on my bike. If you’re planning on doing this, please note the following.

The $550 USD price tag only gets you:

  • SON XS Dynamo
  • Built wheel with the Dynamo
  • Front halogen light
  • Rear LED light
  • Wires
  • Zap straps

It will not include the following

  1. Tire
  2. Inner Tube
  3. Rim Tape

More on this project from me later once I get the rim tape and let you know how the installation goes. I thought it’d be easier to get this in an all-in-one kit despite the overall increase in parts cost, but I think I might be wrong about that now.

Update: the kit does come with blue rim tape for the wheel. I just somehow missed it the first time I looked.

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