Bike Friday Silk at the Seattle Bike Expo

Spring is around the corner.  Yesterday we reached daylight savings time – the herald of spring – as light grows longer.

It was a sunny Saturday, so we headed down to the Seattle Bike Expo.  Like all expos go, it was several different booths.  Half of the booths were selling trips and tours.  The other half was selling goods.  There were all sorts of goodies like bike head badges, panniers, lights, ebike motors, and of course – bikes.  I was namely there to check out Bike Friday’s Silk.

With 20″ wheels, it felt like better steering than my Brompton in terms of smoothness.  The Brompton and Tikit both had very twitchy handling.  They would turn on a dime, but the Silk with its 20″ wheels feel more like the handling of a 26″.   The stem had good handling as it was shorter than the Tikit (meaning its stiffer).  The road bike version was a smooth roller.  You can feel the friction difference in the tires when riding the mountain bike version.  My 6 feet tall boyfriend kept hitting his heel on the derailleur when he used platform pedals on the mountain bike version (oddly) but had no issues on their road bike version.  Both these versions were Medium sizes, for the record.  Maybe it was the pedal or the shift of the seats.  I did not suffer the same problem as he did and I am 5.5 feet tall.  We both agreed that Medium was the best fit of sizes for the both of us; whereas he was border-lining the Large for Tikit and I was border-lining the Small for the Tikit yet neither of us were happy with either sizes we were able to fit to.  The Silk is great as it caters to the both of us with its Medium.

Folding the bike vaguely reminded me of the Tikit without the hyperfold options or the ability to lock and wheel it.  Overall my impression was that this was the bike I was waiting for to take around the world.  If Bike Friday gets its locking mechanism together so that it can roll like the Tikit, it will be my next bike.  I look forward to hearing more news about it.

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