Monthly Archives: August 2013


Paris was awesome! I did not expect to make it there in time to see our friends Sandie and Jeff who were there until Aug 31st for Jeff’s work. We caught the ungodly hour train from Gent at 6:53 AM only because we did not want to transfer luggage aka our Bike Friday Silks. We […]

Fietspad (Bike Paths) in the Netherlands

I head that riding through the Netherlands is a dream. That dream came true! The Netherlands maintain separated bike paths from the car roads and have their own traffic lights that drivers understand that when it is a green light for bicycles, then cyclists have the right of way when a car is making a […]

Netherlands in Brief

Netherlands have been amazing by bike. If you never bike tour, this is the place to start with dedicated bike lanes all over the country. Copenhagen was equally as wonderful with many bike lanes throughout the city and bikes welcome in many trains. Riding past the Netherlands-Belgium border was a shock. It went to more […]

SJ Train from Stockholm to Copenhagen (Koebenhavn)

We made it to Copenhagen (Koebenhavn, in another language).  Bikes are not allowed on the SJ Trains to Copenhagen such that the lady at the train ticket counter stared at us piercingly at mention of the word “bike”.  I had to explain that our bicycles are small and foldable, and that we flew with them […]

Flying with the Bike Friday Silk

We successfully have done 3 legs of our flight over to Östersund, Sweden from Vancouver, Canada and our bikes arrived in one piece; however our cheap $15 rack did not but it still did its job as providing additional crush protection.  We will be buying a new replacement rack over here in Europe. British Airways […]