Flying with the Bike Friday Silk

We successfully have done 3 legs of our flight over to Östersund, Sweden from Vancouver, Canada and our bikes arrived in one piece; however our cheap $15 rack did not but it still did its job as providing additional crush protection.  We will be buying a new replacement rack over here in Europe.

  • British Airways flight YVR (Vancouver) → LHR (London)
  • British Airways flight LHR (London) → ARN (Stockholm)
  • SAS flight ARN (Stockholm) → OSD (Östersund)

Upon unpacking we discovered that the foam block is imperative to the packing in a soft shell bag.  Our styrofoam blocked got crushed, which meant it did its job but really showed where the bike took the hit from the airline luggage handlers.

Foam block installation

Foam block installation

We also did have some crush protectors and we recommend you do too.  We made our own using plywood and PVC tubing. You can also just buy yours from the Bike Friday store since they are reasonably priced.

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