SJ Train from Stockholm to Copenhagen (Koebenhavn)

We made it to Copenhagen (Koebenhavn, in another language).  Bikes are not allowed on the SJ Trains to Copenhagen such that the lady at the train ticket counter stared at us piercingly at mention of the word “bike”.  I had to explain that our bicycles are small and foldable, and that we flew with them in standard luggage on the plane.  She had already issued us our tickets, but steadily warned us that there wouldn’t be much luggage room on the train.

She was right.  Unlike the Amtrack trains or the VIA rail trains, luggage spaces seem more adequate for the roll-on carry-on luggage people use for planes.  There’s room above your seat, and 3 cubbies at each end of the train.  We managed to score a spot at the end of the train, and put one bike in the leg space of our seats.  Thankfully we were in first class and not that many folks were travelling in the carriage.

The Bike Friday Silk bicycles have been a pain to carry in their soft-shell bags.  We’ve almost ripped up the Outeredge bags due to the awkward way we’ve been carrying out bicycles.  I really do hope they are able to make the bikes roll a reality because I am getting super frustrated.

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