Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bicycles on RENFE trains in Spain

Some news out there tell you that “when in Spain, the problem begins” with bicycles but I found it was not so in all cases.  You can see on the RENFE website (translated to English here) that bicycles are allowed in certain scenarios (as checked on September 2013). Folded or disassembled On middle distance conventional, […]

Cycling the Canal du Midi

We left Carcassonne by cycling the Canal du Midi.  If you are doing it one way like we are with hitch-biking, I would recommend starting at Carcassonne. because it is net downhill to Narbonne.  The bike path starts out relatively good, flat from the cities but sometimes gets a bit rough as you’d expect from […]

Carcassonne, France

We almost did not come here but so glad we did!  September is definitely low traffic season and there is actually a bit of space between other visitors of the cité.  Lots of shops within the cité walls selling all sorts of medieval looking goods, artists for wall art and sculptures, and restaurants.  The citadel […]

Bicycles on French SCFN Regional TER Trains

The main operator of trains in France is SCFN (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer) Three type of trains exist on France. The Thalys, TGV (Trains Grand Vitesse), and TER (Transport Express Regional). Comparing the different train options: TER trains does not need a reservation for passengers or bicycles.  TER trains are included in an EUrail […]

Train from Beaune to Montpellier

It was time to leave wine county to go to somewhere warmer. Realistically, almost everywhere in France is wine county; however some places are not 7-11 Celsius! The beekeeper in Sully told us that it is often 30 Celcius down on the French Rivera and when it gets down to 15 Celsius, the residents act […]

A Cold Decent, Épinac to Beaune

Today was a bit of hard decent down to Beaune. Temperatures reached as low as 7˚C through the mountain passes and was only as warm as 13˚C. What happened to the 40+˚C we had in Vèzelay?  The statistics are on the Garmin Connect website as recorded by my Edge 510, proof! Ash also had a […]

Sejour à Épinac

The last couple days, luck has not gone right for Ashley. We only covered 25 km yesterday from Autun to Épinac due to his sore back. I had packed up to head out again this morning, but his back continued to complain and would muscle spasm and seize up. We decided that it would be […]