We are spending two nights in Auxerre. It is actually a charming town. From the train station it was bland and lifeless. Going to the store LaClec was really depressing. It seemed like the French version of Walmart.

After taking the bridge into the main town, we encountered what seemed to be a street fair. We thought it may be a small thing but went to take a look anyways.

It blew us away! It was a flea market combined with a sidewalk sale for stores. It seemed like the whole town was out and packing the streets up with wall to wall people. We even ran into a wedding that had the bride and groom walk the streets.

Auxerre is actually quite a picturesque town with walkable pedestrian path, right roads and buildings in which you can see the wooden beam supports. It had great shopping stores like Monoprix, Mephisto shoe stores, and small boutiques. Just note that almost everything shuts down on the Sunday.

Camping is also quite cheap at the Auxerre municipal camping, just about a kilometre away from the town. For a tent and two people, it worked out to be €11/night. Free hot showers but no wifi.

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