Auxerre to Chabilis

My body and mind said no. Well, it was more like, “please don’t make me.” We stayed in Auxerre because I was still recovering from a cold I caught in the Netherlands. I was a ybit better but a cold is no excuse for not cycling as I managed to power through it earlier up to a 70 km route.

The mind groan and complained when I sat in the seat. I suppose it is one of the things you deal with when starting to bicycle tour. Discipline.

It takes discipline to get back on the bike and not stop. It takes discipline against minor constant complaints of the mind. It takes discipline to keep putting one pedal stroke after another when it is discomfort you feel. Discipline. It is what will get me through this.

My discipline gave out after a long hill climb. Discipline did get me to the top without stopping but the heat and exhaustion got to me. We saw amazing views while making the accent.


At the top of the hill we saw the best view of the wine region so far. With picnic tables at the rest stop it begged us to have lunch and a nap.

Waking up from napping at 3 pm, making it a good 2 hour stop, we decided to stay in Chabilis for the night. It was a quick 30 min decent into town and a small trip to the grocery store for supplies. We skipped wine tasting in town as we were advised it was expensive.

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