Cycling in the Heat, Noyers-sur-Serene to Vèzelay

It started like other days, with a late start at 11 am. We took too long at the campsite and in town of Noyers-sur-Serene, there was a big market we had not know about. We spent time wandering among the vendors and buying croissants for breakfast and bread for lunch.

Our mistake this time cost us some pain with the heat and fatigue. Today it got as high as 32 Celsius and some large slogs uphill in the beating sun. Elevation grade were approximately 5-11% and we gained 355 meters. I also got sunburnt today.

Lessons learnt that we will try to apply in the next few days:

  • start early as possible
  • take a mid-day siesta break, 12-3 pm like the locals do
  • drink 1 liter of water every 45 minutes
  • wear long sleeve shirts and pants like the locals of hot countries such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia
  • Today was not the day we make Vèselay. We are camping out in Avallon instead. We throughly enjoyed the air conditioning of the supermarket.

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