Brasserie de Vèzelay

At the Avalon Municipal camping, their épicerie carried this beer from Vèzelay.  Coincidently, it’s where we were heading.  At St Père, we saw signs pointing to the brewery and we followed them.

Brasserie de Vèzelay is a recently established brewery in the Morvan region of Burgundy.  Beer is not really the drink of choice in France .  Wine is dominant, so it’s quite a large milestone to see breweries establish in France.  They started off in 2012 and they have over a million dollars worth of equipment investment and certified to ISO 9001.  We met the owner of the brewery incidentally and he gave us a small tour and showed us the control system of his tanks for boiling, mashing, etc. that help maintain consistent quality of their product and to follow the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 (known in German as the Reinheitsgebot).

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