Vèzelay to Dun-Les-Place

We cycled from Vèzelay to Dun-Les-Place and it was some 42 km long distance through some mountainous terrain.  Dun-les-Places municipal camping was really out of the way.  It was an extra 800m outside of town with some 10% grade hill to go.  The vistas were at least nice and the forest canopy was cooling.  We ran into one cyclist with a Moviestar jersey and it reminded me of watching Tour de France.

When I look at the statistics, it is sometimes disappointing how long it takes me and how often I need to stop for breaks.  I know I shouldn’t compare myself to other people as there will always be someone better and worse than me but I can’t help but wonder if at least I’m average… The guide book sets out some 40-60 km a day and I have friends who easily do 100 km in a day.  It would seem that there should be enough time to explore the region but I am often reaching the destination tired already.

I am glad that at least I am constantly pushing myself and I do see improvements in my fitness level compared to my button pusher desk job lifestyle.  I suppose it is just somewhat disheartening to see how much more I need to achieve.

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