Distances between Places, Dun-Les-Places to Planchez

Last night camping at Dun-Les-Places we met a couple from Australia who are in midst of a 500 km randonnée through Burgogne inspired by some other fellow Aussies that have done the same.

France is ideal for expedition walking as you can get to another town within 20-30 km of walking, or in our case cycling. 20-40 km has been our typical range due to our sedentary lifestyles. You do not have to carry much food since you can always eat at a cafe (and carry no cooking gear) or buy more groceries.

Canada and Australia have large distances between their town and cities as they both have a lot of land compared to the country’s population. You can cycle 50 km within Vancouver and never make it out of the metropolitan. Whereas in Burgogne you would have gone through 5 villages already.

It was hard leaving in the morning as it was rainy and cold. It was a nice break from the heat we had. By the afternoon it stopped raining and we managed to pack our stuff and make a run for it.

Cycling today wasn’t so bad and we ended up in Planchez at about 4 pm and decided to stay the night as it was €30 for the room and the weather called for more rain. Sometimes 4 walls and heat make it worthwhile dispute a campground being <2 km away.

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