A Cold Decent, Épinac to Beaune

Today was a bit of hard decent down to Beaune. Temperatures reached as low as 7˚C through the mountain passes and was only as warm as 13˚C. What happened to the 40+˚C we had in Vèzelay?  The statistics are on the Garmin Connect website as recorded by my Edge 510, proof!

Ash also had a bail on his bike and pitched fork himself. Luckily, he did not go three more feet forward, or he’d be down at least 5 feet below road level, into someone’s garden. Instead he landed on level patch of grass on the correct side of the road (not in traffic). His worst injury? Some rocks and grass on the knee, not even a flesh wound or laceration.

The culprit? A pinch inner tube that burst as he served side to side. There are two punchers in the tire – probably where it caught somewhere inside the rim and pinched. He was able to get a new inner tube on in 10 minutes and we got rolling again.

When we reached Beaune, it was beautiful. There was a bike path through the rolling vineyards! I nibbled on a grape and this time it was actually really sweet. I want a bottle of wine from that vineyard!

I’m sort of sad to leave Beaune so soon but the weather is terrible – at least 50% chance of rain. Tomorrow we’ll head down to Montpellier to see my friend, Brenda. I’m super stoked.

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