Train from Beaune to Montpellier

It was time to leave wine county to go to somewhere warmer. Realistically, almost everywhere in France is wine county; however some places are not 7-11 Celsius! The beekeeper in Sully told us that it is often 30 Celcius down on the French Rivera and when it gets down to 15 Celsius, the residents act as if the world is ending.

Sounds great! Let’s go!

It would be a three train trip the attendant at the ticket counter (guichet) told us. The TGV is booked solid (complete) for bicycle spaces. We could go if we take the slower regional trains and the reservation fee would be a grand total of €0! The bicycles (vélo) also rode free! Wow, French regional trains are great!

The three trains were relatively painless compared to packing the Bike Friday Silks in their suitcases – a 30 min commitment) plus the issue in getting them on the platform as we are not using hard cases like the Samsonite F’lite 30.

Since our bikes were already assembled, we took a 4 hour break in Lyon to check out the town and do some shopping at Vieux Campeur, one of the best stores to get outdoor gear in France. We had picnic lunch at Bellceour square, where they also had free public toilets, followed by a beer at a patio in the park. Then we simply road around town, walked our bikes through some open air market, and looped back to the Lyon train station to catch the remaining trains to Montpellier to see my friend Brenda.

Brenda met us at the train station, Montpellier St Roches

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