Cycling the Canal du Midi

We left Carcassonne by cycling the Canal du Midi.  If you are doing it one way like we are with hitch-biking, I would recommend starting at Carcassonne. because it is net downhill to Narbonne.  The bike path starts out relatively good, flat from the cities but sometimes gets a bit rough as you’d expect from a mountain biking trail and a bit jarring.  Still there is no loose gravel on the road, it’s hard packed dirt / mud but if it rains, I can see it getting muddy and difficult.

It was about 13 km/hour for us to traverse this terrain.  At Homps, we decided to detour to the closest train station, Lègzignan-Corbière, because Ashley’s back continued to hurt.  It was made worse by the jarring shocks on the trail.

This was our best record for time and speed! I suppose it makes sense since this is our last day on the bikes and we had been steadily improving.

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