Shimano Hub Going…

I have the Shimano Alfine 8 Speed Internal Hub on my Bike Friday Silk.  I took it out 2 weeks ago in the cold wilds of Canada for a day trip out to the Granville Island Public Market.  I noticed that I lost 3 gears off my 8-speed shifter, and that in #3, it was slipping.

There is no visible difference between my bike and Ashley’s bike, which is functioning.  So it leads me to believe something is wrong internally.  This is only after 2 months of daily riding in Europe, plus 6 flights segments.  It’s highly disappointing considering I have been riding my Brompton Wide Range hub for 4 years and it has not yet need servicing.

I will be taking it down to the Bike Friday factory in Eugene to have them take a look, and to warranty the hub with Shimano, if need be.

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