Post-trip processing

It has been 4 months since we got back from our trip.  I am still processing some of it as we quickly went back to the swing of things.

This month, my friend Ainaz showcased her trip to South-east Asia as part of VIMFF (Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival), including Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.  She also happened to be a tour guide for Great Explorations.   While  through her inspiring photos and the struggles she had on the trip, I related a lot better having done 2 months on a bike.

Being on the bike, we definitely had challenges that I was not pleased about but the harshness is mellowing over time.  The gems of the trip continue to shine ever brightly as the psychology of human nature takes over.  Like many others say, you should try cycle touring no matter how long or short of the trip because you will always remember you trip fondly for a lifetime.

I still think of my bigger trip, the one that will take years.  I think I will give the Brompton a fair shake at it this time, and we can always ship bicycles to trade were we wishing for the other steeds.  I have not fully calculated our budget but I would say we managed to do less than $50/day each for the two of us sharing some expenses like accommodations.

But in the 6 months of being back… I welcomed routine with open arms. Sometimes the changing day, I miss the comfort of sleeping in and finding things where I expect them to be and not having to pack them.  Going back to my old job, I felt the unwelcome hit of the alternate reality and the stress rushed back as quickly as it left when I departed.  It felt like nothing changed and I did not like it before and I still did not like it.

My job was to last 2 months only. I was back on Tue Oct 15 and I was leaving on Fri Dec 20, 2013.  If I knew that, I may have just kept going into Morocco, but it’s the way life works sometimes.  The top up of my bank account was welcomed still.  As quickly as I found myself out of work, I was quickly interviewed on Mon Dec 23, hired on Tue Dec 24 and started work on Jan 6, 2014 after the Christmas break.  I happened to move during this time because the commute would have been atrocious and my current residence now offers me the opportunity to bike to work and train for the future.  It has been so many changes.

Now being offered the opportunity for full time employment again, I am tempted to take it for a variety of reasons, including growing professionally.  It may mean having to push out my dream again, but it means I cherish the 2 month cycle trip even more.  I am truly torn between professional development and life development.  In both cases, they are both personal developments of two different dreams.

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