Flat Tires Make You Weak

So I have been putting some efforts in cycling home from work.  I have not been consistent and it has been pretty hard.  As I was cycling along my 7 km route home…

  • I wondered if all my cycling in Europe did not yield any results.
  • I wondered if I wasn’t fit.
  • I wondered if others were just better than me.
  • I wondered if my 16-inch tires (Brompton) or 20-inch tires (Bike Friday) were no match for 26-inch tires or 700cc tires.
  • I wondered if my tires were deflated.

They were.  The Brompton front tires were only at 20 PSI and the rear tires were at 30 PSI.  The pressure rating on the Brompton stated it be at 100 PSI… I was 70-80% below recommended tire pressure.  No wonder they were such a drag… flat tires cause more friction, and makes it harder.  Now I’m interested in seeing how I will do on my ride homes.  Maybe I won’t blame myself so much.

Goes to show you proper bike maintenance makes a huge difference in performance.  If you own a car, the same can be said for it.

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