Train to Đồng Hới

We boarded the train to Đồng HớI to visit the Phong Nha caves. It reminded of our train to Europe except the Vietnamese train was more worn for wear.

It is air conditioned and has two toilets on each end of the car along with a row of sinks for brushing your teeth and washing faces. Provided are pillows, blanket and bed sheets in the soft sleeper. There are also 3 power plugs accessible from the lower bunks. Berth (giuròng) 1, level (tâng) 1 has two plugs and there is one more plug point under the table that is accessible by berth (giuròng) 2, level (tâng) 1. They accept both North American and Europe/Asia style.

The best berths are the bottom ones. If it wasn’t for the power situation, you should know there is no ladder to get to the top beds, just one foot hold to hoist yourself up.


A food cart will come around once in a while but the coffee was terrible and the chicken must have been sitting there for a while. We would recommend you buy food ahead of time and snacks are available for purchase at vendors of the train station you are departing from. There is not enough time to leave the train and get back on mid journey in order to purchase anything.

Compartment space is limited. If you are looking for luggage storage, book the bottom bunks.


Bromptons bicycles will have no issues here but I think our Bike Fridays bicycles would be just as cumbersome as in Europe. We managed to fit our bike friday on the top compartment with difficulty in Europe with a ladder. You would not want to hoist your bicycle to the top storage compartment without a ladder. How comfortable you are being separated from your bicycle is up to you. It is possible to lock up your bike to the foot of the bed.


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