Báhn Cân

Something is odd about eating amazing street food opposite a restaurant catering purely to tourists who want to experience ‘authentic Vietnamese food’.  Here I was sitting on a plastic stool on the street, enjoying amazing Báhn Cân made by Taut and the tourist pedestrians had no idea what they were missing out on.

Báhn Cân is a reclusive street food item in Hội An and very regional to it. I may have only spotted one other vendor selling it on the streets, but this lady does it really well and I have returned here several times over.

It appears to be shallow fried rice flour batter with spring onions and carrots, poured into something like a Yorkshire pudding cast iron pan.  Magically a magically crunch nest like shape forms. She cracks an egg into a few of them, which leads me to call them ‘quail egg nest’.  It’s served with grilled pork patties, a herb basket containing the likes of mint, watercress and others, and the usual pickled daikon and carrots. You need to smother it with a generous ladle of fish sauce with sliced chilies.

Báhn Cân @ Taut – 3 PM – 5 PM
Opposite Mermaid Restaurant on 2 Tran Phu St, Hội An.

Many thanks to the tip off from Travelfish.


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