Reflections of the American-Vietnam War

For the much of my youth I have only heard one side of the story, the story of the Vietnam war. Being in proximity to the USA, this is understandable as much of their culture makes it up to Canada trough media.

Today I walked to the War Remnants museum that are collecting the atrocities of the American war, but also statements for the insistence of peace because of the hurt of war. The Vietnamese view the war as an effort of imperialism much like the French had once occupied their country. The Americans supported the Diem regime, which was so unpopular that his own soldiers killed him.

They did not view it as the North fighting the South so much as it was against the Americans.

Yet no where did I actually grow to understand the point of the war. The excuse was to rid the world of Communism. Yet ironically the Vietnamese and Asians in general appear to be the most entrepreneurial people I have seen.

Everyone runs a business here it seems. The most simple is selling street food. At the bottom of homes is often some kind of business, like repairing motorcycles or selling goods. Capitalism is well in the works here.

I can’t help but wonder what this country would look like if the Americans won. I can’t help but think of wars in my lifetime and wonder what Afganistan, Iran and Iraq will look like. Vietnam/American war lasted 17 years. How long will the war in the Middle-East last and what will the American people gain? You can’t get rid of terrorism by commit in acts of terrorism. So all the tax payers hard sweat and efforts are being burned up at an incredible rate in the war effort – for what?


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