Never have I ever been so in love with a bike before because it literately changed my lifestyle.

I have always liked to cycle but turned into a folding fanatic when I first bought my folding bike, the Brompton.  I visited my friend in Belgium where she used a folding bike to commute to work.  It was a Dahon and while they were OK, I always thought those bikes to be too clunky.  She confided in me that she would buy a Brompton if she had the funds because they were so bloody expensive.

Later in the year, I ran into a family who boarded the streetcar with their Brompton.  I inquired where they bought it and then browsed the store.  $2000 later (with taxes), I purchased a beautiful Arctic Blue Brompton M6R with a C-Bag ($200).  It was a lot of money but I’ve never looked back.  I use it often and I have paid the bike off by saving on public transit, car insurance, gym memberships and the all important – time and health.

Everywhere I can, I try to take my folding bike with me.  So here are some of my stories.


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