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Flat Tires Make You Weak

So I have been putting some efforts in cycling home from work.  I have not been consistent and it has been pretty hard.  As I was cycling along my 7 km route home… I wondered if all my cycling in Europe did not yield any results. I wondered if I wasn’t fit. I wondered if […]

Bike Friday Silk at the Seattle Bike Expo

Spring is around the corner.  Yesterday we reached daylight savings time – the herald of spring – as light grows longer. It was a sunny Saturday, so we headed down to the Seattle Bike Expo.  Like all expos go, it was several different booths.  Half of the booths were selling trips and tours.  The other […]

Brompton SON Dynamo Kit QVHDYNSET-SON

I picked up a Brompton SON Dynamo (QVHDYNSET-SON) from Clever Cycles a little while ago and ran into a few snags before I actually will get to mount it on my bike. If you’re planning on doing this, please note the following. The $550 USD price tag only gets you: SON XS Dynamo Built wheel […]

Upgraded Brompton Hand Grips

Only a couple days on my bike and I’m loving my new Ergon GP-3 BioKork grips installed on my M6R Brompton. I’ve ridden at least an hour on my Brompton before and eventually the wrist begin to hurt using the standard factory foam grips – which were starting to look a little worse for the […]

Portland in a Day

Portland, one of the world’s best bike cities has a place in my heart. I recently had the chance to spend the day there, arriving on Sunday 8:30 AM bright and early.  I shortly discovered that most places were closed but I managed to find a awesome little breakfast place called Zell’s Cafe in South-East Portland […]