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Bicycles on RENFE trains in Spain

Some news out there tell you that “when in Spain, the problem begins” with bicycles but I found it was not so in all cases.  You can see on the RENFE website (translated to English here) that bicycles are allowed in certain scenarios (as checked on September 2013). Folded or disassembled On middle distance conventional, […]

Camping in Noyers-sur-Seine

The best camping deal we have so far has been in Noyers-sur-Serine but it is a little obscure since there is no regular reception. The facility is equipped with electricity, hot water and toilets, but no soap or toilet paper. No wifi but you might get Internet at the library (bibliothèque). To get the key […]

Porteau Cove by Bicycle

Porteau Cove is an excellent place to go when training for a bike tour if you’re from Vancouver, BC.  It’s readily accessible by cycling on Highway 99, Sea to Sky Highway that goes to Whistler. Be warn that it is a hilly ride.  At some points, I decided to get off my bike and walk […]

Salt Spring Island by Bicycle

On the Easter Long Weekend, we did our first S24O trip!  If you haven’t heard the term before it is an abbreviation for Sub-Twenty-Four-Overnight (translation: a trip under 24-hours, with an overnight stay). If you like to follow our tracks, check below Tsawwassen To Salt Spring Island Find your way down to the BC Ferries […]

Saving for the Long Bike Tour

Working while dreaming of the bike tour, and saving those pennies is never easy.  It’s never easy to be stressed out at work and wanting to leave.  It’s never easy to say no to things because it means saying yes to future dreams. Based on several people’s opinions, my boyfriend and I are saving up […]