My Bike Friday Silk

Back in April 2013, I purchased the newly released Bike Friday Silk from the great folks at Green Gear Cycling, Inc. particularly thanks to Eric Fischnaller for having patience with me.  He was working with helping me purchase a bike since December 2012.  When the Bike Friday Silk was announced in the spring of 2013, I went down to the Seattle Bike Expo to check it out and really loved the ride compared to the Tikit’s 16″ wheels and the odd frame sizing as I was between a small and a medium.

I decided to keep my components fairly close to the Select line that they offered as it was fairly good value to keep them the same.  The wonderful thing about a bike that accepts standard sized bike parts is that you can always twiddle with them later.

2013 Bike Friday Silk with Select Components + Upgrades:

  • 55 teeth front cog + 24 teeth rear cog to make the lowest gear-inches for touring
  • Shimano Alfine 8-speed 32o disc centerlock (135), black (as the 11-speed and the 8-speed has the same lowest gear)
  • Brompton Mount for front bag
  • Ergon GP3-S Small Biokork w/small bar
  • Shimano Alfine DH-S501 32o disc, black (dynamo for use with the Tantilus bike charger)

Yes, you read that correctly… I had Bike Friday customize my bike with a Brompton mount so I can attach a Brompton QR Block.  This part must be purchased separately from an authorized Brompton Dealer, ideally it would be your local bike shop.  The part code is QFCBA if you need to special order it.

We picked it up from the Bike Friday Factory down in Eugene.  The original plan was to make it there with plenty of time to spare, but delays and what not turned into 10 minutes before the showroom closed!  But  Bike Friday team is amazing!  Paul and Eric were still at the office and not only did they help us assemble our two bikes with the seats and pedals we brought down but also gave us the factory tour so we can see where and how our bikes were made.  The tour lasted for almost 1.5 hours, which mean that the Bike Friday team stayed 2 hours past closing (the factory workers already went home) just to give us the full blown service as if we would have shown up on time.  Amazing!

Fully assemble Bike Friday Silks in the Bike Friday Showroom

Fully assembled Bike Friday Silks in the Bike Friday Showroom



  1. Hi,
    It attracted my attention that you have brompton carrier block on your bike friday. As an owner of both bikes myself, I always wished to have brompton carrier block on my bike friday. I carry my S bag to work almost daily. In the ocasions I use bike friday, it would have been very nice to attach the bag to it. Can you explain to me more how you got it on the bike friday?

    Thank you,
    PS, great looking bikes.

    1. I asked Bike Friday to weld one on when designing my bike. They had the part laser cut, and they welded it for me on the bike. I am not sure how you would get it on since you already have your bike, but you probably can ask the Bike Friday people directly. You may have to ship your bike there.

      If you speak to the factory in Eugene, the part # is 6951 for 11148 Brompton Mount for front bag. It cost me an additional $75 on top of my new bike build.

  2. Watch this stop-motion video on how this bike folds and unfolds:

    There is also a detail close-up photos of the Silk by this guy here:

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