Vịnh Mốc tunnels turned out to be worthwhile to visit, and easy enough too!  The Phong Nha Farmstay organized a regular mini bus service with the Hue Backpackers that does a stop at the Vịnh Mốc tunnels and Bến Hải River Museum.  It is the best way to go between Phong Nha and Hue. The villagers dug tunnels […]

We did a 7-km hike into the Paradise Cave in Phong Nha National Park.  It was fantastic. We were the only two people that booked the tour that day, so we had a private tour! It is $125 for the tour and it includes: transportation to the park two guides lunch headlamp clothing so yours […]

We boarded the train to Đồng HớI to visit the Phong Nha caves. It reminded of our train to Europe except the Vietnamese train was more worn for wear. It is air conditioned and has two toilets on each end of the car along with a row of sinks for brushing your teeth and washing […]

Many people miss the charm of Hanoi. Most travellers use it as a jumping point to Sapa, Halong Bay or the airport and skip the city. It is a shame because it is a great city to explore. One thing I noticed is that hassle is a minimum. We only were asked once to buy […]

We did a street food tour with Mark, the author of Stickyrice.  It’s definitely a tour I recommend!  You can read a lot of articles on his blogs about where we went, but the real value in the tour is having it explained to you.  We talked about the difference between Northern and Southern Vietnam […]

So we are heading out again!  Unfortunately not with our bikes.  Although we are told Vietnam is excellent place for bicycles as well.  Supposedly there are fewer cars there and more motorbikes and motorcycles. This time we are doing the traditional backpacker’s trip.  I am sure we will be missing our bikes, but we are […]

So I have been putting some efforts in cycling home from work.  I have not been consistent and it has been pretty hard.  As I was cycling along my 7 km route home… I wondered if all my cycling in Europe did not yield any results. I wondered if I wasn’t fit. I wondered if […]